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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I being charged a mileage fee?


A: The charge is for any party over 25 miles from our office location. You will be charged for the drive in both directions. It is due to the labor and gas prices involved in the extra travel distance. We will travel all over North and South Carolina. Give us a call or email for an accurate quote.  

Q: We’ve only played Laser Tag indoors where it is dark. Can you play outside in the daylight?


A: Yes, since our equipment is commercial outdoor gear you can play during the day or at night. You can also play outside as well as indoors.


Q: How do you know when you’ve been hit?


A: Each tagger has at least three sensors and they flash red when your tagger has been hit. The tagger also speaks to you and you hear, ‘Ugh’ when your tagger has been tagged and 'Man Down' when you die.


Q: How do you know when you have tagged another player?


A: Their tagger will also light up alerting that they have been tagged.


Q: Other locations required a vest of some type when you are playing. Do you have vests?


A: We supply a fully adjustable headband that the three sensors attach to via Velcro. This is light weight and does not require additional clothing not to mention one size fits all. If you have more players that taggers we can provide a Body Battle Strap which is also a fully adjustable strap that goes across your torso and the three sensors attach at different points to allow for a 360 hit playing option.


Q: Where can you play at and how much space do you need?


A: The beauty of it is that it can be played almost anywhere. Your yard, parks, fields, forests, grasslands, gyms, churches…DAY or NIGHT. When considering a place to play, keep in mind these standards of safe play. You can play over multiple acres to as little as a 30'x60' area.


Q: Can you only play in clear weather?


A: You can play in all kinds of weather. It will be determined by Light Em Up Mobile Laser Tag if weather is unsuitable to play in. We will determine due to the safety of all players if weather and conditions are too hazardous for safe play.


Q: Do all players have to sign a waiver?


A: For anyone to play we have to have a waiver on them. If the players are younger than 18 they must have a legal guardian sign for them. All other must sign for themselves.

Here is the waiver form.

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